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Certification from the absolute best resources.  The ABNLP, ABH and the ISPI.  That is 3 certifications in one course!


ABNLPABNLP:  The American Board of NLP was founded in 1995 by Dr. A. M. Krasner as an adjunct to the American Board of Hypnotherapy and has functioned as its sister organization since then. Today they have over 500 institutes worldwide approved at the Trainer Level of NLP, and thousands of members.  The board supports the  believe in NLP and Hypnosis as being a excellent way of creating our own personal growth and development.


abhABH:  The American Board of Hypnotherapy was founded in 1982 by Dr. A. M. Krasner as The California Board of Hypnotherapy. Within a short time it grew to be the American Board of Hypnotherapy with members all over the world--wherever Hypnosis is taught., Today there are over 1000 institutes worldwide approved at the Trainer Level of Hypnosis, and tens of thousands of members.



PISEALREDISPI:  The Institute for the Studies of Professional Influence was founded 2006 by Mickey Booher.  The mission of the Institute was to study human behaviour as it related to the decision making process.  The Institute gathers studies from noted behavioral economist, University case studies, NLP patterns, Hypnosis strategies as well as known techniques commonly found in the selling process.  All of these patterns were brought together to test in the "Real World." 

The NLP Practitioner Certification Training is for people who want to increase their personal success and enhance their professional effectiveness.

Managers, salespeople, and professionals: Find that greater rapport and precise communication greatly enhance their "people skills." This leads to greater job success and satisfaction.

Educators, parents and psychologists: Gain techniques to change unproductive behaviors and thinking into strategies for achievement.

Therapists, counselors, and health professionals: Learn new NLP therapeutic interventions that produce impressive results for their clients.

As with other major life passages, the NLP Practitioner Certification Training is commitment to your own personal and professional evolution.

When you step into the training room, you enter a new and exciting world of possibilities. You will gain skills, discover resources, and master techniques that will greatly expand your behavioral choices and increase your flexibility. The way you see, hear and feel the world will literally change as you learn how to express yourself in alignment with your highest values. You'll find that all of the learning in your Practitioner Training comes to rest comfortably in your body as well as your mind. Your destination is to arrive in the future you've always wanted to create.

Themes of the Training

1. Outcomes: knowing or discovering what you want and determining that what you want is worth having.

2. Sensory Acuity: developing your ability to see, hear and feel with more precision so that you can understand the communication of another and recognize how your message is being received.

3. Behavioral Flexibility: developing the skill to notice that what you are doing isn't working and refining your ability to do something else.

4. Techniques: learning how to use specific techniques to achieve specific results.

5. States of Excellence: being in a resourceful state makes your many abilities always available.

Techniques and Structural Components of the Training

Anchoring formats

You'll learn how to make your behavioral resources available when you want them. Here you will learn about dissociation (stepping out of your experience to gain another perspective) and using this skill to get out of a "stuck state" in order to find new ways to deal with your situation. Other useful patterns you will learn include Changing Personal History (transforming the impact of past events).

Running Your Own Brain-- Success with Sub-modalities

You'll learn to recognize and utilize the NLP Representational Systems, visual, auditory and kinesthetic, and their finer distinctions--or sub-modalities. You'll be able to identify eye movements, language patterns and physiology that indicates another's' 'model of the world.' You'll master the Swish Pattern and the NLP Phobia/Trauma pattern, well-known for its ability to cure most phobias in a single session as well as the Allergy/Counter-Example Pattern for eliminating allergies and other unwanted responses.

Precision Language and Information Gathering

You'll learn the secrets of successful and efficient information-gathering -- how to know what questions to ask and why-- and the impact your language patterns have on others. You'll discover how to create well-formed and compelling outcomes that are ecological by making sure that the changes you make are good for you and all others involved.

Milton Model -- Language Patterns of Influence

You'll learn to use the hypnotic language patterns developed by the 20th century's greatest clinical hypnotherapist, Milton H. Erickson, MD., You'll learn specific patterns for creating receptive states of mind and master the use of your own voice tone, tempo, and patterns of speech as you hone your previous skills of sensory acuity, rapport, and information gathering.

Negotiation Skills-- Influencing with Integrity

You'll learn to recognize and sort out what is happening when a person is sending two conflicting messages as you learn how to resolve internal conflicts in yourself and others through the strategies of context reframing, meaning reframing and the 'conditional close'.

Six Step Reframing -- Communicating with the Unconscious

You'll expand your negotiating and reframing skills with more complex interventions such as six-step reframing, a precise way to uncover and address all of the unconscious concerns that have prevented you from getting what you want. Emphasis is on understanding ecology and balance.

Metaphor -- the most respectful form of communication

Learn to use metaphors effectively in your communication as you further integrate the skills and patterns you have previously learned. Precision therapeutic and conversational storytelling can provide a powerful way to assist those around you in making changes gracefully. You'll discover that any NLP technique can be 'embeded'  in a metaphor, further enhancing your behavioral flexibility.

Strategies and Beliefs-- Core Processes

Our thinking processes  have a major impact on who we are and what we can do. Learn to identify these internal thinking sequences and know how they create emotions, beliefs, and behaviors. You'll discover the impact beliefs have on our experience as you learn to gather and organize the information you need about a situation in order to change strategies and beliefs.

Synthesis, Consolidation and Skills Integration

Towards the end of the Practitioner Training, you'll begin to focus on further integration of your skills as you work on more complex integrative techniques like Re-imprinting.   You will use the skills that have become second-nature to you and realize how much you have learned as you plan how to further integrate NLP into your work and personal lives. This is the time to put it all together and begin doing full-scale change work. You'll receive quality coaching as you integrate your learning and experience by using your skills with groups and individuals.

By the end of this Training you will have developed these skills:

* Newly-honed perceptual skills which let you appreciate new information, or 'news of difference', making possible behaviors that seemed impossible before.

* Enhanced rapport skills that allow you to speed up your effectiveness and deepen your relationships.

* Learning to manage emotional states allows you to be your own best self, to make the impact you want to make, to eliminate bad moods, and to behave in more resourceful ways .

* Negotiation skills which allow you to negotiate for what you want, reach more satisfying agreements with others - and negotiate between the parts of yourself that have been pulling you in different directions.

* More precise language skills that allow you to prevent misunderstandings by communicating what you want in a way that others truly understand.

* Learning how to make better choices and decisions for yourself.

* Understanding other people better than you ever have before.

You Will Learn How To:

* Recognize and use the personal resources you already have ...and build more!

* Achieve win-win solutions in families, business, civic groups, and other contexts through using successful negotiation techniques.

* Identify positive purposes beneath seemingly negative behaviors. Discover new ways to achieve those positive purpose without the negative side-effects.

* Experience situations from other people's perspectives, and help them experience your point of view.

* Ask questions to quickly pinpoint important information and sidestep irrelevant information.

* Use the components of effective decision- making and effective motivation for yourself and others.

* Leave people (including yourself!) in a more resourceful frame of mind.

* Negotiate by finding higher levels of agreement so everyone gets what they want.

* Set and achieve goals that fit your life and your values.




Simply email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  At that time we will let you know how to enfoll.  Once you have secured your spot in the upcoming course, we will send you a pre-study work book along with a CD set.  Doing the exercises before attenedance is NOT mandatory.  It will, however, make you better prepared to excel in the course.



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