How to persuade in the month of December




The 3 Critical Factors you must knowhen selling in the final month of the year!


As you probably already know, the PROFESSIONAL INFLUENCE system teaches that WHEN YOU PERSUADE IS JUST AS IMPORTANT AS HOW YOU PERSUADE! That all goes to say that as the pages of the calendar turn, your presentation needs to adjust. With that said, there are 3 critical elements to selling in the month of December.

This month you will not only be fighting the regular objections that you are used to.  You will also need to be consciously aware that your clients are influenced by 3 critical factors.

1. Status

2. Stress

3. Distraction

How does this alter their susceptibility to be influenced?


The majority of our clients will spend a good amount of time around people that are not in their normal circle of influence. They will spend time with family that they only see once or twice per year. THIS WILL CHANGE A PERSON!  Many of our clients will be subjected to Uncle blowhard and Aunt petty. These are the family members that brag about their new boat and how well their kids are doing in school, then, facetiously ask why your kids are struggling in math.


Consciously understand that our clients are being subjected to people bragging about how great their life is. This creates resentment, hurt feelings and if we are smart, A GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR US!  By knowing this, we can push the STATUS benefits of our products and serices.

How? In a very subtle way. Sales professionals must make clients aware that they will recieve more status by investing in your product or service.  Make sure to emphasize how your product will:

Look good on them.

Make them look smart.

Turn heads.

Help them take more vacations.

Sound petty? Welcome to reality. Even people who are not status oriented, become so this time of year. Use this knowledge to close more sales.


This is the time of year when our clients worry about things that are not part of their usual pattern. Things like Christmas shopping, fighting the lines at the mall, getting the house ready for company.  From a practical standpoint, many of your clients are either preparing for family to come (or perhaps getting prepared to leave town to visit family). Travel means making list of thins to get done. If that was not stressful enough they have company parties to prepare for. Not to mention those year end reviews.


Take the extra time to let them know that you understand them.  Make them aware that for the next few minutes they can escape from the holiday insanity. Recognize that this time of year can be stressful. Use this as a selling point.  After all the solutions that your product or service provide the customer with peace of mind.  This enables them to focus on all of the little holiday tasks.

It sounds simple and it is.  Yet, many sales professionals forget to acknowledge that this is a stressful time of year and that they appreciate the prospect taking some extra time out of thier busy schedule.


Not only do the above mentioned conditions create stress, but they also cause distraction. Your clients will have a shorter attention span than usual. They will have a tendency to mentally wander off.


Open with a shocking story that will jolt them our of thier current state.  Find some crazy news story that will cause thier jaw to drop open.  In NLP this technique is referred to as a pattern break.  By using this simple and easy tactic, you will have effectively "rebooted" the prospect.  Now that they have been "reset," turn up the charisma. Understand that they will have a tendency to wonder off mentally.

This means more jokes and MORE VISUAL AIDS. If you do not have a pitch book or iPad to show off the benefits of owning your product, you should really consider getting one.  


Do these things, try these ideas and your success is assured. As always, send us an email outlining your victories.



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