How to persuade on the week of Labor Day


"Labor Day"

How the Short Week Presents a Great Opportunity for Influence


Happy Labor Day! This week most of you are spending time with family and friends. BBQ's are smoking all over the nation as we refect on how fortunate we are to not live in a time, or country, that victimizes its workers to the degree we once did. For most people, they are getting paid to be off today. That is a great thing for them. For those of us that make our primary living persuading others, today is a lost day (in terms of revenue). Instead of having fve days to close those deals, we are now left with four. It is for that reason that the true professional knows that he must be more productive over the next four days. More importantly, short weeks provide us with a unique opportunity to actually increase our sales production. This weeks feature article is on the FIVE THINGS YOU MUST KNOW when selling in a short week:


Many of your clients have been in contact with family members Friday night through Monday. This will change a person (at least for the next few days). This means that for three days, status triggers have been fred off within your client. Anyone that has spent time with family that you only see during the holidays will surely remember what it is like to see your cousin Bill bragging about his new boat. Maybe it was Aunt Martha talking about their last trip to Europe. Even people that are not normally status conscious, become so after a three day weekend with others who are. Make sure that you point out the (status) benefts that can be gained by purchasing your products and services.


Your client has come back to work with more on his/her plate than usual. It is common for people to be less productive right before a three day week. Companies tend to make the day before a holiday weekend a "Fun Friday." In some cases many key people in the organization take a couple of days off before a big three day weekend. The absence of these key people in the days leading up to Labor Day weekend will usually slow down production as well. This all leads up to employees coming back to the offce with a mountain of work on their desk. BE AWARE OF THAT! Your clients will be stressed out, not to mention preoccupied. Start out your presentation by saying, "Bob, if you are like me you came back from the holiday with pile of work, so I will get right to the point." And then do just that, GET TO THE POINT!


Without question, your clients spent time with family and friends. They clearly heard new thoughts and ideas from those in their circle of infuence. This changes people. If you have a new product, service plan or package, this is the time to introduce it. Your client will be more open this week than they were last week.


The three day weekend makes most people aware that they are disconnected from their immediate family. Conversations take place that leave the dad saying things like, "When did that happen?" or "Since when have you liked that?" These moments of realization have many of your clients brutally aware that they are missing the best years with their kids. If your product or service can be something used with the whole family, you need to highlight that this week. If your product or service can increase productivity and effciency, you must make the client aware that this increase could mean more time with his family! Avoid missing this unique opportunity!


There is no time to waste. Yes, your clients have changed. But they will revert right back to their old patterns soon. Now is the time to infuence. Do it now and do it aggressively and your success is assured.

There is no reason that this can't be the most productive week of the year.  So go out there, be agressive and make it happen!



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