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Before reading the 5 step objection model, be sure to read "First Process the objection."  Once you have done so, launch right into the five step process!  

The following are the five steps to this model.  Read each carefully.  For outstanding results, you will need to practice.





5. CLOSEstickman5checkmarks

Sure, that sounds a little confusing. Admittedly, we teach this far more in depth in our "Professional Influence" certification course. That does not mean that you can't learn this without taking the course.

Look at the two examples below. Which one do you think is most effective?


Example A:

Prospect: "I heard that your support system doesn't help homeowners with repairs after they move in."

Sales person: "Well actually that is not the case, let me show you the exact statistics of how well our support department works. As you can see (pulling a document out of a folder) this is an audit done on our company. The audit clearly shows a 94% success rate in satisfying our customers repair needs."

Example B:

Prospect: "I heard that your support system doesn't help homeowners with repairs after they move in."

Sales person: "Ah, I am not sure what you mean? Are you asking if we have a support team?"

Prospect: "No, I know you have a team, I was just wondering if they are really there to help when we need them."

Sales person: "I am little confused, are you asking if they do repairs when needed, because that is really all they do."

Prospect: "No, I guess what I am asking is, will they be there when we need them, we heard that sometimes they are slow to help the new homeowners."

Sales person: "Oh, I get what you mean, You are wondering how efficient they are at helping you right away with any problems you might have. Is that what you mean?"

Prospect: "Yes, exactly."

Sales person: "Ok, I got it. You know I don't get that question too often but I think one of the guys here has some kind of audit that shows our customer satisfaction rate in that area. Do you want me to find it?"


You might be amazed to discover that example "B" is by far the superior choice. The PROFESSIONAL INFLUENCE system teaches persuaders to communicate unconsciously. When you re-read example "A" you might notice that what at first seemed like a great response, actually hurts the persuaders cause. Why? Because the unconscious mind picks up on things that are not always apparent to the conscious mind. Lets review: The prospect gave a concern. The sales person responded quickly and professionally, he even had a document prepared for that exact objection.

The unconscious mind figures out pretty quickly that the sales person was in fact prepared. Why was this sale person so prepared? The only answer the unconscious will come up with is that others have asked the sales person the same exact question. This deepens the validity in the mind of the consumer. "If others are asking the same question then it must be a good question." The unconscious mind signals the prospect to tread lightly.

1. BE CONFUSED (really! It's ok)

In example #2, the prospect is left to explain himself. Admittedly the sales person does not seem to understand him. But why? The conscious mind of the prospect is left to try and re-explain his concern, however the unconscious mind picks up that the sales person has not heard this before. The prospect is left to wonder. If others are not asking him that, maybe this is not a valid thing to be worried about. Perhaps I am taking this too seriously.

Yes, the Professional Influencer does get around to finding that document that will support his position. On the other hand, it is amazing how many times the prospect will say. "Don't worry about finding that audit, I am sure it is fine."

RE-READ the last two paragraphs! They are vitally important. Some have said in the past that they do not want to seem misinformed. They do not want to look like someone who does not know the answers to all of the questions. Whenever I hear this, I am reminded of what Zig Ziglar (one of the great persuaders of all time) once said.

You can feed your ego, or you can feed your family.

You gotta love Zig Ziglar!


You may already know that golfing is much easier when you are allowed to use a tee. It relieves you from grounding your club through the rough turf. The same is true when overcoming the concerns of your prospects. You need an opening before you tell them that they are wrong. There are different ways to do it, however we have found the best, by far, is option #3.

Prospect: "If I buy this, it won't do what I need it to do..."

1) Wrong response: "Yes it will, let me show you why..."

2)  Generic response: "I can appreciate that, allow me to show you why it will..."

3)  PROFESSIONAL INFLUENCE response: "I can appreciate that, on the other hand, if I could, allow me to throw something out there..."

Our research is overwhelming in this area. "Let me (or allow me) to throw something out there." This is the best tee for the job. It lowers the resistance of the prospect. You are not arguing with them, simply throwing something out there. You might catch it, you might not. Use a very soft, non invasive tone. Not even the most resistant prospects will EVER find this confrontational. To the contrary they will now be very receptive to step 3.



Since we have already covered basic reframing, we will share with you a small but powerful nuance. Keeping in mind that when conflict is present, people sometimes care more about winning than the cause itself. All persuaders have, no doubt, gone too far and watched people say no if only to get the win. The "Detached Statement Technique" works to detach the sales person therefore removing the conflict. It invokes PROFESSIONAL INFLUENCE LAW #3 - SOCIAL PROOF." It is not me, the sales person saying it, it was somebody else. The detached statement is layered so deeply that the prospect does not even realize that they are less resistant to it. "Why would I be resistant to some other person I do not know, after all you are the sales person."


Prospect: "I do not think that your program makes financial sense."

Generic sales person: "Well Bob, I assure you that it does. Let me do the math for you and show you where you miscalculated. If you add the expenses that you are now going to save with this program you can see that it will now make better financial sense."

PROFESSIONAL INFLUENCER: "You know Bob, I can appreciate that. There for a while, I thought the same thing myself. If I could, let me throw something out there. One of my most successful and wealthiest clients is Rick Chandler. I asked him why he was doing this and he said to me "Mick, when you add the expenses that you are now going to save with this program you can see that it is a financial no brainer."

That is the magic of the "Detached Statement technique." It is not me telling you that you have missed something. It is this other wealthier, wiser guy that I look up to. He pointed this out to me. I missed it too.


Prospect: "I really want to do it, I am just not sure that now is the time."

Generic salesperson: "Well Bob, the only difference between a dream and a goal is a plan. Why not get started today?"

Professional Influencer: "Well Bob, let me throw something out there. You know, my grandfather was one of the wisest men that I ever met. He once said to me "Mick, the only difference between a dream and a goal is a plan. You know, I think he was right too. What do you think?"

Funny thing, nobody ever wants to argue with my wise old grandfather.



In NLP, Tag words are questions that requires and affirmative response. Sales trainers call these tie downs. This, in of itself, is not a new technique however, an oldie but a goodie. These questions generally end with isn't it, wouldn't it, can't you, shouldn't you, aren't they, don't they and so on.

Professional Influencer: "So it sound like this is something you really like isn't it?"

Professional Influencer: "This new information makes all the difference, doesn't it?

Professional Influencer: "Now these figures make a lot more sense don't they?

Professional Influencer: "This is something you should to do today, shouldn't you."



Ah, the close. Everyone wants to hear how to close. The simple truth is that when you use this system, closing is easy. They have already said yes! There is nothing to this step accept perhaps to hold out your hand.

Read, and re-read the last two articles. It is the sincere belief of everyone at The Institute for Studies of Professional Influence (ISPI), that this is by far, the single most effective methodology for overcoming objections.




You may already know that employers are attracted to people that are different, new and unique.  Today we have overwhelming scientific proof that sales people that differentiate themselves from the crowd are more successful.  They are more likely to close that sale, get that promotion and have longer lasting relationships. 

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