How to persuade in the month of February

How to persuade in Februay


Add some romance to your customers  
"Valentines Day"



Thank you for aiding us in achieving our most productive January ever! Got anything for February?


Charlie - Gilroy, CA

Thank you for your email Charlie. Contrary to what many sales people will tell you, February poses a GREAT opportunity to gain more customers. As our regular subscribers and students know, PROFESSIONAL INFLUENCE is more than a collection of ultra persuasive techniques. It is about timing!

WHEN you choose to persuade, is just as important as HOW you 
choose to persuade.

That all goes to say, that your methods must change with the calendar. Many Sales professionals believe that February is a hard month to do business. This stems from the notion that clients are distracted. On the surface, this is understandable. After all, it might be hard for your clients to give their full attention to your presentation if they are preoccupied with Valentine's Day. That might have once been a valid concern. THAT IS, UNTIL TODAY!

In the PROFESSIONAL INFLUENCE system, we believe that this is not only a good month to influence and persuade your clients to take action, but we believe that it is one of the best opportunities on the calendar!

That's right, not only will you be able to maintain your current pace of sales, but by reading the rest of this article your sales will actually increase.

By simply following three steps, you are assured of having a fantastic week of influence. It is as easy as 1,2,3.

1: Utilize helpful websites

Take some extra time building rapport. During the rapport process, ask your prospect what they have planned for Valentine's Day. Amazingly enough, the overwhelming majority of your clients have procrastinated. They either did not get a dinner reservation (for February 14th ) or by the time they got a reservation it was at a restaurant that was not as nice as they had hoped for.

Human beings are funny creatures. Most people will call at the last minute only to be told that the restaurant is booked. After hearing that the first couple of places are booked, most people will give up. If one place is booked, that must mean that they all are, right?


For years, we have taught our students to use websites such as http://

open-tableto get dinner rreservations on nights that are typically booked up. Our students often secure a reservations through sites like opentable. 


Make sure you know some details about the restaurant. The preferred dish, the view, anything that is unique about the restaurant. Many times there are some great places in your city that are not as well known. (and other similar sites) will usually provide this type of information.  This givesthe profressional influencer a chance to tell the prospect a little something about the establishment. It pre-frames the client to look forward to their special evening. As we teach our students, a good story begs to be retold.

In this case, your prospect can rush home and tell his wife that he pulled some strings and got them into a nice place.

2: Be the HERO!

super-heroAsk your prospects what they are doing for Valentines Day. You would be amazed at how many of our clients have procrastinated. They know (or at least they think they know) that they can't get into a good restaurant because "they have all been booked for months."

This affords you a valuable opportunity to be a hero and save his day. There is no need to tell the client that you simply logged onto a website and secured the reservation. In fact it's better to leave "how" you got the reservation, as a mystery.

There are many sites that provide these services free of charge.

Last year a reader sent in the following testimonial:

I was presenting to a client the night before Valentine's Day.  The client admitted, in front of his wife, that he had planned poorly. She was distraught. I asked them if they could wait one minute. When I returned I had a reservation at an amazing restaurant. They were extremely excited and proceeded to thank me. Figuring this was a good time to close, I DID. Only this time, I noticed that the husband's resistance had disappear.

What did our reader do to earn this change in the clients demeanor? He simply logged onto In fact, you can do more than simply get dinner reservations. Many PROFESSIONAL INFLUENCE students will go out of their way to make special deals with a florist, just in case they have a client that has forgotten to get flowers.

Others have purchased small boxes of chocolates, "Here Bob take these home and be a hero."

3: Communicate What it Means to Be Your Client

Make the prospect aware that this is only one example of how you take care of your clients. This communicates to the prospect that doing business with you is a lifestyle, not a mere transaction.
Create a link between doing business with you and special occasions. If you sell something that can help people with their relationships then all the better. It's an easy gap to fill with your product.

When your prospect sees you as a problem solver, they will want you on their team. The other benefit to making this suggestion in your close is that you exemplify a higher quality of life. This is a primary driver to your client. The idea that doing business with you means that someone is looking out for them. What a great message to communicate.



Let's put it all together:

Professional Influencer: "Bob, Valentine's day is coming up Sunday. Tell me, are you looking forward to Sunday or are you dreading Sunday?"

Bob: "Oh God, don't remind me. I was trying to get a reservation at Morton's but of course I waited too long. Can't get in anywhere nice now."

Professional Influencer: "Wow Bob, Morton's is a nice place, do you always do something nice like that for Valentine's Day?"

Bob: "Well actually, Mary has had a hard last six months. Her mother was sick for the longest time and the kids are so busy with activities that she has really been swamped. She really deserves a nice evening out."

Professional Influencer: "Bob, can you give me a quick second, I need to check something."

After no more than two minutes:

Professional Influencer: "Here Bob, you are booked into Tuscany restaurant! Have you ever been there?"

Bob: "Well no."

Professional Influencer: "It's a great spot. They have amazing Italian food. If you like Lasagna, I highly recommend it. The wine selection is outstanding. I think you will really like it but more importantly I think your wife will LOVE it!"

Bob: "I don't understand, how did you get reservations?"

Professional Influencer: "Bob, I always take care of my clients. Like many of my customers, you are very busy. After what you said, I thought it best to do whatever it took to make sure you had a great February14th. I hope you and your wife have an outstanding evening."

Now back to business:

Professional Influencer: "Bob, as you can clearly see, by allowing me to help you with your widget needs, I can make sure that your company is always stocked up on the finest quality widgets made. When it's all said and done, we will go out of our way to make sure that our clients are happy in and out of the workplace."

By giving reservations, flowers and other Valentines Day trinkets, you will have communicated to your client that you are a problem solver. The kind of professional that thinks of everything. By utilizing this technique your clients will feel indebted to you. You are well on your way to building a long relationship that will result in repeat business from a raving fan client.




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