The bridge between NLP and Selling

For years, Neuro Linguistic Programming and professional selling have been a world apart.  Sales people have traditionally relied on charisma to persuade people to buy their products and services.  NLP enthusiast will tell you that Nuero Linguistic Programming has nothing to do with sales, rather it is about modifying behavior and achieving self improvement, and more effective interpersonal communications.  Which is kind of funny considering that selling is mostly about modifying peoples behavior through communication.Stickman NLP-bridge-to-selling-1024x684

Many have tried to morph these two sciences (yes selling is a science).  Most have failed.  Several books, tapes and seminars have espoused theories on how to use NLP within a sales presentation.  These theories, usually fall short.  Most people, that make their living persuading people to buy their products and services, find much of this advice to be unpractical in the “real world.”

Professional Influence was designed by a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming.  The difference though is that regardless of the education he received to become a Certified Master Practitioner of NLP, he made his living as a sales professional.  This gave him the opportunity to test various methodologies.  The ones that worked, stayed.  The ones that didn’t, were thrown out.  After years of successful selling, he became a Vice President, in charge of hundreds of sales people.  This gave him the platform to test these wildly cool and yes hypnotic patterns with thousands of clients.  New techniques were introduced.  Some worked while many did not.  By testing and retesting it became clear which methods would be inducted into the Professional Influence system.

Real sales people talking to real clients while earning real commissions with these state of the art techniques.  That is how Professional Influence  became the most revolutionary selling system in the world.

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