Persuasive Time Techniques



Found within the PROFESSIONAL INFLUENCE system

Various versions of time techniques are found within Nuero Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis. For the most part, it is widely believed that these techniques can create profound change with people in a therapeutic setting.

Many years ago, we introduced our own version of these "time techniques" to a select group of sales professionals.  The idea was to test the effectiveness of it within a selling enviornment. To our knowledge there is NOBODY doing this.

We were astounded by the success of how this simple pattern worked within the context of a selling situation. It seemed to work best with apathetic customers. You know the one we are talking about.  This is the client that sits there and simply listens. They are not overly excited about anything and you know in your gut that they are going to tell you that they like it and will probably do it one day but...NOT TODAY!

It works like this:

You have a customer, they know all the facts but are not motivated enough to say yes. They want it but for lack of better words, do not have the guts to pull the trigger.

You simply take out a piece of paper and draw and line horizontally across the center. You explain to the client that this is their lifeline. At the start of the line you make a little "zero" further explaining that this was when they were born.

Then, based on their age, you make a tick mark and write "NOW" above it. Then proceed to explain that this is where they now are in there life line.

At this point, have a little fun with the prospects.

"So how long have you been married? Ok, lets make a little mark showing when you got married."

You can add children or when they moved into their current home. The important thing is to make it fun for them.

Your artwork should look something like this:

lifeline1At first glance you might notice the elephant in the room (or in this case your piece of paper). The line ends. It is a gentle reminder that we are not going to live forever. This show is going to end and the clock is ticking. At some point the smoke will clear and the dust will settle, blackness will begin to enshroud their vision and...well you get the point.

Procrastination within the prospect is simply denial that they are going to die.

At this point we have several ways to go. Here are a couple of examples:


Show them the past. Demonstrate the pain of not using your products the last 3 to 5 years. Then take them out into future to see the next 3 to 5 years. It would go something like this:


Professional Influencer"Bob and Mary, clearly you can see that you are losing thousands of dollars by not letting our firm help you with your investments. Lets put this into perspective. The last five years, you saw a measly return on investment. If we continue this for just five more years, what will that look like?"lifeline3BOB and MARY: "Ah, well not too good."

Professional Influencer:  "Unfortunately, you are correct. Can you imagine what it would feel like, five years from today, to look back and say to each other, Wow, we wasted a decade of our lives."

BOB and MARY: "well that is true, I guess. I mean, we really don't want to waste those years."

Professional Influencer: "Your right, it reminds me of something my dad used to say, he said "son, if nothings changes then nothing changes. He was right. Sounds to me like you are ready to make that change now!"

This is a powerful demonstration that can be the spark that ignites Bob and Mary to TAKE ACTION NOW! Again, it is the visual that speaks right to the unconscious mind of the prospect.


As we learned in an earlier article, future pacing is incredibly effective. When future pacing with the life line of the client, you will often spur them to action.

It works like this:


Professional Influencer:"Ok, Bob and Mary, lets just pretend that you purchased this new boat today. When would you first use it?"."

BOB and MARY: "Well, clearly we would use it this weekend."

Professional Influencer: "Great, when else would you use it?

BOB and MARY: "Probably 4th of July weekend, we have a lot of family coming to town, so it would be fun to show it off then."

Professional Influencer:  "That does sound fun. How about some big overnight trips, when would you do that?


BOB and MARY: "I would say three times over the summer. Once just the two of us, at least once with the kids and of course we would go with friends too."

Professional Influencer: "Ok, let me just make some marks here to indicate the amazing experiences you will have with this sail boat. Ok, what about the winter time?"

BOB and MARY: "Well, the winter time is a little cooler but we have some nice days then too. I would use it to entertain in the harbor. I have a lot of customers that would enjoy an evening aboard a sail boat like this"

Professional Influencer: "That is a great idea, anything else?

BOB and MARY: "Sure, we would use it for birthday parties and things like that.

At this point the sales professional is ticking off event after event. All the while, Bob and Mary are watching these little tick marks. The unconscious mind begins to create visions and warm feelings of them on their sail boat. These events become precious as they inch ever closer to the end of days and then...

The influencer stops. After a brief pause:

Professional Influencer:  "Bob and Mary, clearly you would get tremendous enjoyment from this sail boat. I can't do anything about the past (where there are no tick marks) but I can help you with the future.

Then with his pen firmly pressed and pointed back to "now" he says.

Professional Influencer: "Looking forward, there doesn't seem to be any time to waste. Shall we get you on your boat this weekend?"

Boom! This is huge, it is super powerful, super persuasive and lets face it, just plain cool!

That is Professional Influence.