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In out upcoming book (How to be Persuasive) we talk a lot about Milton Erickson and with good reason. One of Dr. Erickson's works that is important to Hypnotherapist is the Milton Model. In this chapter you will see why part of the Milton Model is also important to those committed to superior persuasion.

The Milton Model contains a "Selectional Restriction Violation." Okay, let's not get too crazy here. That is a complicated way to say that Dr. Erickson used to include a sentence that would not literally make sense. One example of this would be when he would say thattalkingproducts

"The Chair has feelings."

That of course doesn't make any logical sense. Only humans and animals can have feelings. This would cause the patient to stop the thought process to evaluate the selectional restriction.

Here is the cool part.

Because the mind would stop to consider the fact that a chair couldn't have feelings, it would be inclined to accept the previous suggestion.

Ok, I promise to make this readable. Think of it this way. If I wanted to recruit someone, I would talk about the benefits of the company that I represent, and then put in a selectional restriction.


"Bob, the company has a great compensation plan; however that is not why so many of our employees stay with us for so long. The real reason is that the company really cares about people. A company can care you know."

The unconscious mind stalls in evaluating the statement "the company really cares" because it is momentarily confused. It knows that a company is an entity and in of itself is not capable of caring. By stalling like this, your prospect accepts the presuppositions that the compensation plan is great and that many of the employees stay with the company for years and years.

So how does this work for us?

One of the great examples of this in the field of sales influence is when the persuader uses "talking products." Just like Erickson's selectional restriction, the unconscious mind knows that a product can't talk. So it stalls to evaluate and in doing so accepts the suggestions given.




Talking Products worked 60 years ago

This is not a new technique. 60 years ago the cigarette companies had commercials that featured dancing cigarettes. At the time, it was not fully understood why this was so effective. The public would look on as the cigarettes would square dance on the screen. The announcer would say "Lucky Strikes, you will love them." The Cigarettes kept dancing and people kept smoking Lucky Strikes.




Many years ago, the California raisin was in real trouble. The raisin farming industry was no longer profitable. Ads for raisins featured messages that spoke to how healthy raisins were for you. Seems logical right? Raisins were great for digestion and helped you become regular. Logical: yes. Fun: no!


Then the advertisers got smart and launched an industry-saving ad campaign. You are probably familiar with it. Remember the "Heard it through the grapevine" campaign featuring those cool, movin' Motown dancing raisins?

The California Raisin became a fun product. Why? Our unconscious minds stalled and the message was clear. Raisins are fun! So we purchased them.






In the modern era of influence, we are seeing a rebirth of the "Talking Products." Apple has without a doubt taken this to a new level. The "Hi I am a Mac and I am a PC," is the most brilliant ad campaign of our lifetime. Although the commercials are entertaining, it is vital to understand why these work! The immense success of these ads originated with the fact that we are momentarily disrupted with the idea that these two are not men but are computers. Did you make that connection?


Now, what is the message:

Microsoft SUCKS.

Mac is a humble company.

Mac has no issues (healthy).

PC is old and out of date.

Mac is cool and hip.

This, of course, is not a logical argument, and that's the interesting part. It doesn't have to be!

Apple doesn't even need their new campaigns. If they have a message they just let these two deliver it. Absolutely brilliant! Does it work? Have you seen Apple stock lately? They are creating serious revenue in spite of the current economy.

Okay Mick, how can talking products help me sell more?

By simply knowing this, we can add talking products to the end of our presentations. It should be noted that Milton Erickson used these toward the end of his speech patterns.

Erickson's pattern (later described as the Milton Model) had multiple elements. So in like manner we can also add in our "Talking Products" toward the end of our presentations.


(We will underline the message and put the talking products in bold)




"Bob, clearly you can see that this model has the most horsepower and handles better than anything it its class. Every morning you will get up and open your garage and this fine machine will be saying, "Drive Me!"




"Bob and Mary that last home seemed to be perfect for your family. As we were leaving I think I heard the home say, "Don't let me be alone for Christmas."




"Bob, This system should take care of all of your company's needs. At the end of a hard day at work the system will say, "Go home Bob, I have it handled."




"Mary, that dress is for you. It is screaming, "Put me on!"

At the end of the day "Talking Products" can provide you with that last little power shot of persuasion that you need. It is simple and easy to use. That is why we regularly use it within the Professional Influence system. Each and every technique we use adds up to the finest selling system available. As a matter of fact, all of this comes free when you subscribe to our newsletter, "Mondays with Mick." That is why every week, when you open up "Mondays" the email screams, "Forward me, it is the right thing to do now!"



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