The Power of Stories and Metaphors

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"Stories and Metaphors"

The core of Persuasion and the PROFESSIONAL INFLUENCE system

The following story is told by a good friend and student. He tells this story to EVERY client that he speaks with.  As he tells the story, he shows a picture of his dog. Read the following story and see if you can figure out what it is he is selling. His story goes like this:

dogWant to see a picture of my dog? Cool looking little guy isn't he? My wife and I got him just over a year ago. We were looking for a black yorkshire terrier because they are sort of rare. There was a breeder that had a litter from a pair of purebred black Yorkshire Terriers. So we headed down and when we arrived we found this little guy next to his brothers and sisters. For some reason he came out a little different than the others. He is brown and black. Once we saw him, we knew we wanted him instead. My friends were all surprised because we originally said that we wanted an all black one, but what are you going to do? He is part of the family now and we can't imagine life without him."

The aforementioned student of PROFESSIONAL INFLUENCE (who wishes to remain anonymous) tells this story to 9 out of 10 prospects he meets. The story is true and he tells it the same way every time.


The reason for the story goes far beyond his affection toward his dog.


You see, our student understands the true power of stories and metaphors. He happens to sell pre owned Mercedes Benz for a living. Why is this story so meaningful to his income? Because as he explains,

Mick, most of my prospects walk on to the lot with an idea of what they want. They know what model they want and what options the Mercedes MUST have. If I have it, then great. If I don't then they walk and I am left with no sale."


As a student of PROFESSIONAL INFLUENCE, he understands that stories and metaphors influence people at a deeper level. Read and re-read his brilliant story. He usually shows them the picture of his dog before they walk out to the lot (to see if the car they desire is there). The prospects usually dote over the picture of his dog and say things like "how cute."

This is done before they ever go to look at the cars that he has in inventory. A few minutes later he walks with them out to the lot and shows them what he has. He then takes great care to explain why his inventory that day is so "special" and will be a car that will become "part of their family." He never references the dog story and the prospects never consciously make a connection.Stickman construction worker


Can you build a metaphor that will increase your income? Absolutely! Here are the three steps to building a metaphor that will help you for years to come.

Make sure the story has a message. The "Yorkie Story" had a great message. "You can be happy with something, even if it was not exactly what you were looking for."

Make the message covert! It MUST NOT BE OBVIOUS! In this case, our student constructed a message that was layered into the pride he felt for his little dog.

Make the story fun and entertaining. When possible use humor.

Take a little time now, and build a story that will increase your income TODAY! Then as always, give a little of your extra income to a good and noble cause!



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