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The Professional Influence


 Certification Program

Ever wonder why some people seem to have it all going for them?  They get the new account, the promotion, the girl and whatever else they seem to want.  You may already know that these people get what they want for one reason.  businesspeopleXSmall


They are able to persuade others to see things through their eyes.  More importantly, they are able to see the world through the eyes of those around them.

Lets face it.  Everyone is selling!  Yes everyone. Unfortunately, selling has become synonymous with manipulation. The word manipulation implies that a salesperson is controlling the client like a puppet on a string. Manipulation is something that you do TO someone. Influence is simply communicating at a deeper level. When someone has been influenced, it becomes their idea; their choice. There is no empty feeling that you might have been tricked.

When you use the influence and persuasion skills taught in this course, your clients will be happy to deal with you because it was their idea to do so. Rescission rates will drop as raving fans are born. Referrals will increase because your client feels as though he is in business with you, as opposed to having been "sold" by you.


Everyone should take the study of influence and persuasion serious. Why?

Because the quality of our lives is 100% reliant on our ability to influence others.

  • How important is it for a parent to influence their children to stay off drugs?
  • How important is it to your marriage that you influence your spouse to love you?
  • How important is it that you influence your boss to understand how much value you bring to the company?

Everything, yes everything comes down to your ability to influence those around you!

PROFESSIONAL INFLUENCE is a certified 2-day course for those that are committed to discovering why people do the things that they do.  It is the ultimate sales training course! 

Who attends this course?

LCHwomanhandsup500Sales Professionals:  Those that make a living persuading others, will find that they learn things that they have NEVER heard before.  THIS IS NOT GENERIC SALES TRAINING!

Business Managers:  Managers sell too.  They have to persuade their employees to get the job done, get along with each other and keep the company targets first and foremost in their respective mind set.  This is easier said than done.  Professional Influence will teach you how to communicate your aspirations to them in a way that they will accept easily and effortlessly.

Sole Proprietors/Business Owners:  If you own your own business, you already know that keeping employees on track, selling your products and services and coming up with marketing campaigns that actually work are among the most important problems you face each day.  Welcome to PROFESSIONAL INFLUENCE.  Business owners are motivated and excited when they leave the course.  They now know with certainty that they are going to achieve their business objectives.

EVERYONE ELSE:  PROFESSIOANL INFLUENCE has been taught to Hollywood employees, CEO's, a Navy SEAL (hoo rah) and even pastors and reverends.  If you need to persuade others (and who doesn't) then you need this course now!

At this event, you will learn the following:

PISEALRED1: Time relevancy. As it turns out, the concept of “Time” has a direct influence on how people make decisions.

2: Hypnotic selling patterns. Avoid freaking out here. Once you understand what hypnosis really is, you will be armed with a tool that less than 1% of Americans possess.

3: Neuro Linguistic Programming. NLP is a therapy based technology. There are, however, some incredibly powerful persuasion techniques found within this science.

4: The studies of influence and persuasion. Today, more than ever, behavioral economists from some of the most prestigious colleges in the country are conducting studies on how people make decisions. Some of this research will astound you.

5: “Code Breaking.” We have done tests on the “Emotional Value” Of Words (E.V.O.W. research). You will discover that words and phrases we all once used, are no longer effective. In fact some of them are repelling our prospects to the point that they will not do business with us. This, for the most part, takes place in the subconscious. Which all goes to say that the client is not consciously aware of why they do NOT want to do business with you.

While these technologies are all very powerful to learn, they are not enough. This persuasion system (PROFESSIONAL INFLUENCE ) has the highest standards.  Before a technique or pattern is inducted into the PROFESSIONAL INFLUENCE system, it must be proven to work. Everything you will learn has been test proven. Meaning that it works in the “real world.”


1. Generic Sales Training. If you have been to other courses before, that is fine.  If you haven't that is even better.   Yes, fundamentals are great.  There is, without question the need for this type of basic selling skills taught around the world.  PROFESSIONAL INFLUENCE, though is going to another level.

2: Regurgitated selling strategies. This is NOT the place to learn “the Benjamin Franklin close, tie Downs, alternative choice, and other tired old techniques. These strategies can be repulsive to today’s customer. Make no mistake, the current economic landscape has changed all of us. As you will discover, today’s client is different. This is not the time to pull out the old "Ben Franklin close."villian listening to you 11 15 08 pc pro me 1024

3: Trickery. It is true that this persuasion system can be used by some unethical people to convince or persuade some to do something they really didn't want to do. Regrettably, these tools will give the scam artist a little more ammunition to do damage to their victims.

On the other hand, It is our humble opinion that this will not work over the long haul! The PROFESSIONAL INFLUENCE system utilizes true influence. The unconscious mind has a protection mechanism. In fact the primary directive of our unconscious mind is to protect us. Since we are going to communicate on this deep level with our prospects, the perceptiveness of the unconscious mind will win out. It is about true communication. If you are a lying jerk weed, you will more than likely communicate to your clients that you are, in fact, a lying jerk weed. Lets not be “that guy.”



Simply email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  At that time we will let you know how to enroll.  Once you have secured your spot in the upcoming course, we will send your confirmation number.


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San Diego, CA 2015 - (all San Diego dates sold out for 2015)

Las Vegas, March 16-17,2015 (all Las Vegas dates sold out for 2015)

The event(s) are usually held in sunny San Diego, CA.  email us for preferred rates at local hotels.  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it





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