Raving Fans

Raving Fans

Booher is the Sun Tzu of sales - not just in closing sales, but in helping people maintain a valuable relationship with the client and help both understand each other better, work better and find success more easily.

Paul O’Sullivan
Director of Political and International Communications
San Diego, CA

 The most powerful and most important weapon any Special Operator possesses is his mind.  Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mickey Booher understands very clearly how the human mind is influenced.  He has a great deal of fun effectively training audiences of every expertise level how to separate their client from their money.  Additionally, students also learn how to better serve their clients! I continue to refer my clients to Mickey Booher's Sales Trainings because his results are best in the universe!  Period.

TC Cummings, U.S. Navy SEAL & Corporate Trainer
Noble Warrior Success Training
Beverly Hills, CA

Nothing is more competitive than Hollywood.  Communication skills are a must if you are to survive.  The 'Mondays with Mick' newsletter gives me a wealth of information that I can use every week to make sure I stay ahead of the pack.


Russell Fine
Warner Bros.
Hollywood, CA

Influence and Persuasion are not just for sales people.  I use Mickey Booher's methods everyday in my line of work.


Reverend Alex Garleb
Covenant United Reform Chruch
Colorado Springs, CO



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