Sometimes it is Good to Wonder


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Isn't it wonderful to wonder? When you wonder it is wonderful. Of course when I wonder, you have to take a bit of time to process the meaning of what I am saying (of what I am wondering about).

"I wonder what it will take to make you happy"

"I wonder if you know how much money this book will make you."

"I wonder when you will see the value in this offer"

"I wonder when you will forget that you ever had a problem" 

In the world of hypnosis, the word "wonder" is used as a powerful tool to help a patient change. My therapy friends are always amused that we teach these techniques for selling purposes. They say "Mick, these patterns are not for selling, they are for creating massive change within people." I always wonder what the heck they think sales professionals do. We do make massive change!

Here are a few more ways to use this word to create change within your prospects.


"I AM WONDERING IF___________."

By leading this way, I am not telling you anything. I am simply wondering.

"I am wondering if you have started to see the many ways our product will help you feel more secure at night."

"I am wondering if you are starting to look forward to doing business with us."

"I am wondering if your eyelids are getting heavy now."

"I am wondering if you are starting to see things in a new and exciting way."


And here is a major point:

As in many instances of hypnosis, the client has to take a brief moment to digest what it is you are wondering about. This brief hiatus creates an opening that allows the following suggestion to go deeply into the unconscious mind. If you learn to use that, you too can create massive change in your client's lives as well.



"I wonder if you've already started to notice______"

The same principle applies. Plus we are adding an awareness frame! (You can learn about those on this very site)

"I wonder if you've already started to notice how efficient our products are."

"I wonder if you've already started to notice how much your family enjoys this new car."

"I wonder if you've already started to notice how good you feel wearing this fabric."

"I wonder if you've already started to notice how relaxed you are beginning to feel as we go deeper now, yes even deeper into a deep sleep now!"



"I know you are wondering________ and it is a good thing to wonder because..."

By starting with "I know you are wondering" we are claiming to know the thoughts of our prospects. It is amazing how the unconscious mind will accept that presupposition as long as you immediately follow it with a "value judgment." In this case the "value judgment" is 'and it is a good thing to wonder because...'


When you put it all together it sounds like this:

"I know you are wondering how you can forward our newsletter to 3 people now and it is a good thing to wonder because that means that you want to help others."

"I know you are wondering how soon you can use our new product and it is a good thing to wonder because that means that you are ready to make your home more efficient."



"I know you are wondering when you could take me to dinner and it is a good thing to wonder because I would need some time to get ready."



"I know you are wondering when would be the best time to clean your room and it is a good thing to wonder because that means that you will have plenty of time to play when you are finished."


Not only are these little nuances cool—what is really powerful is how the persuader is so noninvasive in his dealings with the prospect. Now that is Professional Influence!


It is indeed powerful to wonder! I know that you are wondering now, about all the new things you will learn when you sign up for PROFESSIONAL INFLUENCE CERTIFICATION COURSE.


We teach a more indepth version of this topic in our certified course "Professional Influence." You might have already heard that our trainers will actually show you how to formulate "contrast options" into your specific products and services.  You may already know, by now, that employers are attracted to people that are different, new and unique.  Today we have overwhelming scientific proof that sales people that differentiate themselves from the crowd are more successful.  They are more likely to close that sale, get that promotion and have longer lasting relationships. 

Show your employer that you are deadly serious about reaching the companies goals.  Increase your income and line yourself up for the next big promotion.  All of this can and will be achieved when you enroll in the "Professional Influence Certification Course." 

Upon successful completion of this course you will become CERTIFIED!  Your certification goes on the "BIO" page and is registered with the INSTITUTE FOR THE STUDIES OF PROFESSIONAL INFLUENCE (ISPI).  As you read through this you may begin to realize that a link to this bio page can also be a powerful part of your resume. 

Are you ready to take your game to the next level?  If so email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  For more information about this and other certification courses simply click here.

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Sometimes it is Good to Wonder

Sometimes it is Good to Wonder Sometimes it is Good to Wonder
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